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The Coral Project

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Have you ever behaved abusively in a same-sex, bisexual and/or transgender relationship?


LGBTQ? Do you consider yourself a controlling partner? A jealous partner?  


Has your anger affected the quality of your same-sex, bi and/or trans relationships?  


The Coral Project based at the University of Sunderland, in collaboration with the University of Leicester, is researching what people do when things go wrong in their same-sex, bisexual and/or transgender relationships. We've already conducted a national survey which received 900 responses, and we've been interviewing LGBTQ people who've had a wide variety of relationship experiences. We're now keen to speak to people who recognise that they've behaved in ways which could be considered abusive in one or more previous same-sex, bi and/or trans relationships. This might include behaviours which are:


Physical - such as pushing, slapping, beating up or throwing objects at your partner, or restraining them without their consent. 


Emotional - such as monitoring your partner's contact with other people, stopping then from seeing friends or family, telling them what to do, blaming them for your problems, using verbal insults and put-downs against them, making them feel bad about their age, religion, education, race/ethnicity, disability, gender identity or sexuality.


Sexual - such as withholding affection to punish or hurt a partner, being unfaithful and then boasting about it to them, sharing intimate photos or videos without their consent, making them have sex when, or in ways that, they don't want to. 


Financial - such as expecting partners to account for all their spending, not paying your own way, taking out credit and/or running up debts in their name, taking control of the relationship finances and/or giving them 'pocket money' or a restricted allowance. 


We're keen to hear your story and understand how and why your relationship(s) have been this way, as well as finding out whether you've received any help or support and what, if anything, has helped you or would help you to recognise or change your behaviour. 


We invite you to take part in a face-to-face interview with an academic researcher from the Coral Project team. We recognise that this is a sensitive subject to discuss and assure you that interviews will be confidential and non-judgemental, with your participation being kept strictly anonymous. Please note that participants need to be aged 18+, based in the UK, and available for a face-to-face interview lasting approximately two hours (we can travel to you), taking place between May-July 2014.


If you'd like to participate or would like any further information, with no obligation to take part, please email the project administrator on paula.willerton@sunderland.ac.uk  or telephone her on 0191 515 2137 or you can send a text to 07748 334 855 We look forward to hearing from you. 






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